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Searching the books' contents

Using the search function, you can enter a word or phrase, combine search concepts with Boolean logic or use the "*" to truncate a term to find all matches with the same root.

The search engine employs several strategies to enhance results. In addition to utilizing linguistic word stemming and various search fallback strategies, it considers the organizational structure of a book, giving greater weight to terms found in chapter titles and section heading. Search results point you to the most relevant books, chapters, sections and subsections, preserving the structure of the book, which helps to improve understanding of the content by providing the entire original context.

You can also limit your search domain to a subtopic, your personal bookshelf, a search results set, or to a specific title.

To search:

  • Choose 'Search for Books' from the Main Menu.
  • Enter a term or phrase into the search box. Then choose a search domain from the 'What to search' pull-down list.
  • 'All Books' will perform a full text search on the content of all of the books you have access to. Search tips
  • 'Titles and authors' will perform a keyword lookup by author, title, publisher or ISBN. Lookup tips
  • 'My Bookshelf' will restrict your full text search to the books on your Bookshelf.
  • 'Last Book List' will restrct your full text search to the books in the last list of books created. Use this feature to restrict a Keyword search to a subtopic or to search within a search.
  • 'Last Book' will restrct your full text search to the last book accessed.
  • Use of content on this site is expressly subject to the restrictions set forth in the Books24x7 Membership Agreement