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Frequently Asked Questions

I try to see book content and I see xxx xxxx xxx's. What gives?

Trial memberships to Books24x7 are designed so that you can get a good feel for the content that we offer, the quality of our search engine, our personalization tools, and the overall responsiveness of our site. During your trial you will be able to evaluate all of these features. While every page of every book will be available, you will not be able to view full content through a free trial. If you would like to incorporate this functionality into your trial, contact our sales department and we will be happy to evaluate your request.

Those xxx's could be a response to our system noticing activity on your subscription with Books24x7 that suggests you may be downloading content for offline viewing or use. You may not be aware that the Membership Agreement prohibits the use of any browser accelerating tool or scripts on the service, in order to protect the copyright interests of the publishers. We want you to enjoy the service as an online resource. Users who download content will receive scrambled text.

What does 'Archive' mean?

'Archive' indicates that the title is dated and newer content may be available. An archive title is not removed from the site and remains fully accessible since it may contain information a user needs.

Criteria used to determine archive status include:

Bookshelves are not affected by archiving.

How do I change my login and email preferences?

Click the Settings tab on the top navigation bar. You will have the opportunity to change your name, email address, and password, along with preferences such as type of email notification, and how you'd like your book lists displayed.

All I see is your logo and a message that I need to enable cookies. How do I do this?

Refer to the Cookies in IE or Cookies in Netscape help sections.

I've enabled cookies and I still see that logo. Have I done something wrong?

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has an option to make sites that you've placed in your Favorites folder available offline. Since the Books24x7 service is currently available for online browsing only, we cannot make our content available offline. There are two areas to check to make sure that your browser is not set to collect offline content:

I'm not finding the search results I think I ought to. What are some suggestions?

When using the Books24x7 search engine (or most others, for that matter), there are a few basic guidelines to follow:

You don't have a book I'd like to read. Are you going to publish it soon?

If you don't see the title you want on the site, you can request it through feedback.

Do you offer a way to download the whole book?

The Books24x7 service is currently available for online browsing only. We are currently evaluating options to enable subscribers to view and use content offline; either select chapters or the entire book. In the meantime, we recommend that you purchase the printed book, or an e-book version if available, from one of the many online booksellers or directly from the publisher if you need to refer to the book offline. Books24x7 offers a convenient "Purchase Book" option at the top of each page when you are browsing the content of a specific publication.

The author refers to code samples on the CD in the back of the book. How can I get them?

Books24x7 is working with our publishing partners to make the content of companion CD's available on our service. We select content from the CD's that have unambiguous rights and truly add value to the content. Extra chapters, downloadable code examples, sample files and extra test prep questions are examples of content we will make available. We will not provide test prep engines, trial versions of software or other third party files where the rights are unclear.

If a titles has CD content available, a link to the content will be in the Table of Contents, as well as in appropriate chapters.

Questions regarding this FAQ should be directed to Feedback.

Use of content on this site is expressly subject to the restrictions set forth in the Books24x7 Membership Agreement